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As your company scales, it gets harder for people to understand who they’re working with.

Who does that person report to? How long have they been at the company? Who can I talk to from this team?

Increased Isolation

Employees don’t know other people in their organization. This is bad for new hires, people on cross-functional teams, and employees in remote offices. People will ping them on slack, they go into meetings, see names in emails, and don’t know anything about who they’re interacting with.

Reduced Collaboration

Your people don’t know who can help solve a specific problem. Who should I talk to for help with X? I know I need help from team Y, but who do I contact first? Who worked on project/feature Z?

Scattered People Information

Your employee information is scattered, hard to find, and difficult to interact with. HR systems like Namely, Rippling, and BambooHR have directories/org charts but aren’t easy to navigate, information is often out of date, and missing critical and custom info.

Make Your People Feel Like They Belong

Connect people across your organization to increase collaboration and improve your culture.

Fully featured, well-designed employee profile pages

All the info you need to know about an employee is available in one place: picture, team, role, bio, slack, email, alumni, social handles, join date, birthday, location, timezone, org chart.  Add custom fields to get even more information about the people you work with everyday.

Powerful people search and organizational info

Easily find people by name, team, role, location, project, expertise, and much more. Great team pages show recent updates, everyone belonging to a certain team or group, and the best ways of contacting them.

Find out what’s going on in your company

Make important announcements to the company, keep up to date on work anniversaries, birthdays and new hires, and find out what’s new with newsletters from every team!

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